My Strategic Forecast was my idea in an effort to help you.  Investing, trading or just plain protecting your money in today’s environment can be a daunting task.  As you will find throughout this site, I have a unique approach to explaining different markets and a method of how to put your money to work.

My background has always been in finance, banking, investment banking and even as a trader for one of the old style investment banks.  I have experience in many areas of the business.  However, this site isn’t about me, it’s about you!

The primary service we provide for our subscribers is the trade alert service.  This is best described as a swing trading alert service.  For our purposes, a stock will issue on a trade alert is typically held anywhere between one and ten days.  We offer price targets on both the buy and sell side.  Our subscribers understand our ridged money management style and risk management system that enables us to significantly increase the odds in your favor.

We invite anyone who would like to see our trade alerts to sign up for a free trial.  We would never expect anyone to pay for something without seeing it first.

Please enjoy your visit and I wish you the very best investing experience possible.


David Frost