Another Predictable Fed Day

David Frost // Market Outlook


October 29  

As discussed, following the Federal Reserve policy statement today the markets did their thing.  Up, down, back and forth.

They finished down a little, but close enough to call it a flat day.

The market is due for a short term correction to work off some of the over bought condition and that may have started today.  If not, I provide the upside possibilities in tonight’s video.

Gold did take a good hit today following the announcement.  The dollar rallied and crude oil was higher all day.

Since we’re coming into the end of the month, which happens to also be the year end for many institutional money managers and investment firms, therefore they can be squaring positions prior to closing the books.  No real way to know how that may or may not affect the markets directly, but just be aware there may be some significant liquidations or purchases in various stocks while they dress up their books.

Full analysis in tonight’s video

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