Apple Has A Lot of Short Interest – What Does The Chart Say

David Frost // Market Outlook


June 26  

At the end of today’s video I discuss Apple and what I think the next move may be, where the upside target is and what would happen if we got there.

The major indexes didn’t do much today other than threaten some downside early in the day, but by the afternoon session the bulls showed up and chased the bears back into hibernation.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to recognize that light volume markets are not going to sell off in any meaningful way.  So when you see a down market early in the day, but the volume is still below average, then expect the market to find a low around mid morning, and float the rest of the day.  Typical daily patter.

The Gold and Oil markets were relatively quiet today.  There is a nice trade baking in the oven with gold, members should stay tuned, this one can be a big gainer.

All in all swing trading has been a little slow due to the current melt up, but this too shall pass.

Members will be getting a trade alert before the market open on Friday with buy price and target prices.

Today’s video is short due to the lack of excitement out there.

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