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24 In The What If Scenario

Since we’re in uncharted waters for most traders, let’s go a little deeper. First, keep in mind that a daily close above Wednesday’s high will suspend the downside probabilities in the short term. Second, if markets do continue lower – here’s the game plan… Stay safe and don’t be a cowboy or cowgirl.   Wait for the market to […]

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The Gold Market may be setting up for a nice big move higher

For quite some time the gold market has been a tough trade to say the least. Each and every time it looks like it wants to move higher, it isn’t able to get out of its own way.
This time may be different. The technical and cycle work is pointing to much higher numbers into July and beyond.
In tonight’s video, you are provided with all the necessary numbers to begin to put a trade together taking advantage of this eminent move.

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Are stocks starting to put in the next leg higher

We were looking for a short term bottom in the market, and we may have gotten it. The question is whether or not this will be the rally that puts in another top in the market with a real correction that last more than a couple of percentage points.
On the schedule is a rally that lasts into the summer months, get all the individual investors and talking heads on TV extremely bullish, then abruptly pull the rug out.

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Can the market finally be making a top?

It will eventually happen. The market will put in a longer term top and the financial markets and the economy will go through another period of contraction. People will lose a lot of money. Jobs and homes will be lost again. All those sad circumstances will also produce opportunity.

We may not be there today, but sooner or later it’s coming. Let’s not rush it, we’ll know it when we see it.

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