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Best advice you can give someone – Play Better

The market certainly appears as if it’s on a mission higher. Each and every time they try and sell off the S&P 500, there seems to be an invisible hand that grabs price and brings it back higher. In tonight’s video we’ll discuss all the important price levels to watch out for, and how we can take advantage of a breakout on the upside by knowing where it is.

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Why do trend lines on a chart work so well?

The probabilities are increasing that stocks will see a large move in one direction or another. You can find out the support and resistance levels here, which will give you a road map to trade and invest against. Something in the next day or so will be a spark to get price moving. Maybe Greece, maybe employment, maybe a black swan. Either way, as long as we’re on the right side, we’re good.

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The Invisible Hand of the Stock Market

Today the bears tried to take control of the stock market early on, but had to succumb to the invisible hand under the market.

It’s truly amazing sometimes how numbers work out. In tonight’s video you’ll see that knowing support levels and how to calculate them can be extremely profitable.

Today should be considered a bullish close, but since we’re in the midst of options expiration week, you can expect another volatile session on Wednesday with the market intent on tricking as many participants as possible.

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