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In Search For The Perfect Excuse

There are various interpretations of responsibility and leadership.  As it relates to the current economic overhang that has so many people concerned, confused and in search for a solution, we think until there is a simple acknowledgement of ownership – no solution will be agreed upon or realized. Pointing to the recent shenanigans in Washington […]

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A Bath, Bank and a Fairy Tale

Not sure if he is the “best” investor of all time, but he certainly earned respect by making some great investments at opportune times and amassing an enormous fortune for himself and his shareholders, if they got in early, of course.  Nobody can take that away, and we’re not trying to. However, this Bank of […]

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Margin & The S&P Correlation

Margin debt, also known as “borrowing to buy stocks and other securities” has increased and gotten ahead of the S&P 500. It normally follows the index in both directions, up and down.  When stocks on margin debt get ahead of the market index, any significant drop can have a cascading effect because stocks and other securities tend to get sold […]

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