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Price, Pattern & Time

When either investing or trading the markets, we must recognize that most investors believe markets are random and unpredictable. To a point, this is not necessarily and entirely true. All markets move up or down based on probabilities. However, within the confines of those probabilities, we can determine the most likely movement based on a […]

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Currency Investing

What is it? Also known as forex, currency trading happens to be the largest financial market in the world.  It seems a little strange that the most people are totally unfamiliar and unaware that the largest market on the planet even exists.  However, with the advent of online trading and the availability of information through […]

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Bond Market Investing

When considering a bond you should think of an I.O.U. As a bond holder, you are loaning your money to another entity such as a government, municipality, corporation or other “issuer.” In exchange for your loan, the issuer provides you with a document which states that they promise two primary things; to pay you interest […]

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Stock Market Investing

Investing in stocks is a very broad topic that can be approached from many different angles. Here, you will find some great information that will help to understand how to earn a decent return while keeping risk to minimum and manageable levels.  The concept is simple, if you can’t keep what you have, you won’t have anything to […]

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