Pre-Market Morning Notes – February 15 2019





Morning Gap Trades

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  • Current price quote is a few minutes delayed. Refresh screen to see most recent
  • If you haven’t taken the course, don’t take the trade.  You won’t know which ones are active if a target hits
  • Stocks gaping higher – Target represents resistance prices
  • Stocks gaping lower – Target represents support prices
  • Each target represents it’s own potential trade opportunity and is independent from other support or resistance targets
  • Targets represent regular trading hours only
  • Profit and stop loss numbers are approximate (~), each individual trader must decide what’s appropriate for them
  • When two targets are close together, traders can take a partial position at the first and add if the stock continues to the next
  • Traders should read additional information on the gaps here: Click to read gap notes[/thrive_toggles][/thrive_toggles_group]

Stocks on the Move

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  • Updated throughout the day based on stocks “in play,” with an opportunity
  • Stops – HC< represents hourly close below.  HC> represents hourly close above
  • Objective of these opportunities is to find intraday support (or resistance) for a day trade opportunity, or at least a reasonable bounce off the target prices.  They should be managed according to the strategies from the LazyEminiTrader course.
  • Entries on these can be at target or beyond.  These prices are not based on a short term time frame which means price can dig in at times.
  • Stocks opening below or above a target eliminates that target price.
  • Always remember, they won’t all work, respect the stops
  • If a stop is too wide for your liking, pass on the trade.  The stop is not an arbitrary number.
  • Refresh screen to make sure you’re viewing the latest companies on the move and their next target price[/thrive_toggles][/thrive_toggles_group]


Index – Important Numbers For Today (Support & Resistance)

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  • Prices based on support and resistance zones during regular trading hours only, no pre-market or after hours prices are used
  • These are “important” numbers.  If price is below they are resistance, if above they are support.
  • Support and resistance prices will be updated throughout the day as necessary
  • If two prices are close together, the market can hit one or both. Weaker markets will hit one, stronger markets will hit both
  • Support doesn’t always mean buy, resistance doesn’t always mean sell. They are also targets to exit trades
  • All hourly closes take place on the half hour.  10:30, 11:30, etc…
  • Always consider current market conditions, short and intermediate trends and especially all the material taught in the LazyEminiTrader course to determine entries and exits

Swing Trade Watch List

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  • Swing trades are based on daily and weekly charts only
  • Stops are based on daily closes below specified price and time (daily or weekly close)
  • The stops are the stops for the exact reasons taught in the LazyEminiTrader course.  We stick to the rules
  • Refresh screen to make sure you’re viewing the latest companies on the move and their next target price

Gap Fill Master List

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  • Gap fill list is dynamic. Prices are updated throughout the trading session making it easy to see which stocks are approaching their gap fill price target
  • There are around 300 stocks on the master list at any given time, you’re seeing the 50 closest to their respective gap fill target
  • If a stocks openins above or below a gap fill target – the gap is filled.

Disclaimer (Not fine print, same as everything else):

It might be hard to believe, but it’s necessary to put certain things in writing so we’re all on the same page.

Trading comes with risk.  This means any trade taken can be a losing trade – that’s the way this business works.  We all need to understand and recognize this is a reality.

Any and every trade taken is your own doing, your own trade and your own responsibility.

The information taught in the LazyEminiTrader and LazyGapTrader courses are for educational purposes and designed for individual investors and traders to learn how to become self sufficient and act on their own.

Any and all information and prices found on this page are also for informational purposes.  All prices found on this page are for guideline purposes only.  Any support and resistance level can fail at any time, on any chart.

We always trade with stops.

If this isn’t clear, here’s an easy way to understand things – Don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose.  Don’t take a position where you can’t take your hand off the mouse because it’s too nerve racking.  When you enter a trade where a stock is falling into support, you can expect to be out of the money for a while before the support takes hold – if it does.  Understand the business you’re in.  It’s not a casino and traders play for keeps to feed their families.