Day Traders Blueprint For A Winning Morning Routine

David Frost // Better Investing


December 1  

One of the most burning question I get asked every day is:

"How do you find and track all the possible trades every morning."

Totally legit and fair question.

There's a lot going on each morning and we feel overwhelmed.

You're looking at at possible setup, then miss a premium trade right under your nose. ('hand slams on desk, Dammit')

It's understandable - and without a repeatable morning routine, it's like chasing a chicken...

Here's a video that will clear away some of the noise and keep focus only on things that will make you money.

Finally! Two different and worthwhile courses authored by an experienced trader who can teach with plenty of real-life examples. I've taken a lot of courses and spent way more for much less, but these courses have paid dividends over and over, and David is quick to answer any questions via email. Thank you, David!

“David’s course helped me as a beginner learn exceptionally profitable techniques that gave me a clear understanding of how markets actually work.”

When David reminds us nightly that his video's only scratch the surface, he couldn't say it any better. His course is detailed yet so simple in it's approach and delivery. David is an excellent teacher/mentor who never let's a question go unanswered. He has changed how I look at the markets forever. I encourage everyone who hasn't, take his course and it will pay for itself with your first trade, literally! Thank you David, a job very well done.

“Definitely worth its weight in Gold. David is a great teacher and the course is easy to understand and learn - plus he is willing to help out anyway he can. I am thrilled knowing this information for my whole trading career!”

Gary Rogers
Jordan Schneir
Bill Murphy
Bruce B.

Check it out, a step-by-step day trading morning routine...

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