Why don’t you use a lot of pretty charts and graphs to illustrate the market and your ideas?

This is a great question.  While charts can be a useful tool, since most of us think in pictures anyway, the reality is that an analyst who knows how to use charting software, tends to create the chart to fit the story she is telling.  Therefore, we chose to stay mostly with the written word rather than confuse the issue.  If you look at a chart, you’re eyes might be telling you one thing while the words are saying something completely different.

We realize there are varying opinions on this topic, but since it’s our site and our service, we do it the way we think serves our subscribers best.


How much should I invest in any one stock, bond or investment idea?

Any financial advisor worth their weight would tell you never to exceed more than 10% of your investable capital in any single investment idea that has risk of principal.  (Even that is aggressive – most successful investors stay with no more than 5%)


Why can’t you answer my personal investment questions?

We cannot because SEC regulations prohibit us for providing any personal investment advice whatsoever.  We are not investment advisors or brokers and we don’t know your personal situation, therefore it remains your responsibility to made decisions that are in your best interest.  Please don’t ever interpret our emails, newsletters, reports, or any other other correspondence as personal investment advice.


Who do you recommend I use as a broker?

The easy answer is “it almost doesn’t matter” as long as their reputable, easily accessible and offer good support.  Here are some obvious ones to take a look at if you need to move from one of the large high fee wire house operations.  In no particular order:

Charles Schwab
TD Ameritrade
Scott Trade


Why are there times when you don’t publish any updates or recommendations?

There are times where we simply don’t have anything to say.  Sometimes nothing has changed since the last update and there is no point to state the obvious or make stuff up for the sake of putting out an update.  That’s our style, only important information.


I’m not receiving the email updates, what should I do?

Check your spam folder.  If there isn’t anything there, either send a message to us using the contact for on this site or send an email to info (at) mystrategicforecast.com, let us know and we’ll work with you to figure out the problem.