Gold Market Rally With A Stock Market Correction

David Frost // Market Outlook


December 1  

Today may have been the long awaited start to a stock market correction that is long over due.  Our favorite market indicator, the Russell 2000 index didn’t let us down and provided the foresight last week, and had the necessary follow through today.

There is a very interesting development taking place with the High Yield Debt market, namely the Junk Bond Index which was telling us something was wrong in that market and now it becomes apparent what it is.  Also, discussed in tonight’s video.

The Gold Market staged a great rally today after being down significantly overnight.  This would be called a reversal day.  Of course, we’ll see a lot of volatility in this market over the coming days and weeks, but there should be higher prices ahead.

The rest of the market analysis is discussed in tonight’s video.

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