How Will The Market View The Election Results?

David Frost // Market Outlook


November 3  

It’s probably a crap shoot to try and guess who will win the election.  As far as I’m concerned we lose either way.  Republicans win enough seats in the Senate, they control both houses of congress.  Will they win?  Depending on which media outlet you listen to, yes and no.

Regardless of who wins, we’re concerned with the market, not politics.

One school of thought is the very common, buy the rumor sell the news.  The most likely scenario is for the market to sell the election results whatever they may be.

The pundits can come with reasons for anything.  If the republicans win and the markets sells, it might be because there’s still going to be gridlock in the government, and they’re going to try and cut spending which means less money floating around in the economy.

If the democrats win and the market sells, it may be because the market was up on the anticipation of a republican victory.

You see how it goes.  Whatever the outcome, they have a reason after the fact.

We’re going to let the market tell us what to do.  I describe much more about this in tonight’s video.

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