Are We Different Than The Rest?

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December 6  

When investors get nervous and look for the safe investment for their savings, they usually turn to tried and true Treasury I Bonds or Treasury interest yielding bills, notes or bonds.  However, this chart will question whether or not the United States is truly different than any other country riddled with debt.  It’s a scary thought, but until default becomes a stark reality, nobody will think its possible – until it’s too late…




Nobody seems to be mentioning Japan and the US in the same way we discuss the Euro Zone countries that are in so much trouble.  Why is it that Spain and Portugal seem to be next in line for a bailout when Japan and the United States are only behind Ireland in terms of debt to GDP issues.  Yes, we can in theory print our own currency, but is that really the solution to the problem?   Hardly.  When is the last time you ignored a problem and it went away?

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