Hasn’t it ever dawned on you just how it is that the rich get richer, not only from who they know, but what they know about how to invest their money?  Not only do they keep what they have, but they manage to grow and compound their invested assets.

Don’t you dream of retiring from the rat race?

Most people don’t even know where to begin, which becomes the major long term problem they never seem to solve.

The wonderful world of finance and investing may seem too big to tackle and appears to be intimidating, but rest assured, my readers understand how to simplify and reduce or all together eliminate the complex language and strategies.

Of course, this isn’t about a get rich quick scheme.  The primary objective is to get control of your own financial destiny which takes some work, dedication and the will to succeed.

You will learn how to be your own chief financial officer of your money.  You won’t need any of those bankers, brokers or money managers who have different interests than you.  They want to make ON your money while you want to make money WITH your money.

Whoever you are, you do have the capability to find financial success with the proper guidance.  First you take the time to understand what you have, what you need, what you want and how you can get there. Here is where you get the knowledge to succeed on your own for you and your family.

So What Is Investing Anyway?

Investing is when you take your money (also known as capital) and exchange it for something of value that you believe will worth more in the future and/or produce an income payable to you on a predetermined schedule.  That’s it!  If anyone else makes it more complex than that run for the hills.

What Investing Is NOT!

Guessing, Gambling or Trusting.

These are the sins we commit with our money that must be avoided.  When we chose to invest (or trade for that matter) with our hard earned and guarded dollars, we must be vigilant and fully understand the risks.  The fist rule you learn here is to lose small and quick, but win big and often.

You must think of your money as your own personal army of soldiers (dollars).  You send them out to battle each and every day.  You must protect them at all costs and they protect each other.  Their job is to find targets they can capture and bring home, so your army gets larger.  Can’t be more plain than that.

These are the reasons why you must have your own personal system and strategies that go to work for you each and every day.