Is Japan’s Recession Going To Impact The Markets?

David Frost // Market Outlook


November 17  

Japan on Monday released their latest economic data which indicated they are in the midst of another recession.

In hindsight, this was one of the main reasons they recently announced the current round of money printing where they are going to purchase equities.

While the Nikkei 225 was down almost 3% on the news, the longer term picture is what’s important.  Japan is printing money as fast as we did over the last several years, and for now, that should keep a longer term put under the markets.

Of course, we will have normal pull backs or corrections in the stock market, but what will eventually end badly has yet again been postponed.

In tonight’s video, I will discuss the next phase of “Global Synchronization” that should be coming shortly.

Gold and Crude oil didn’t do much today other than drift down slightly.

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