It’s Hard To Kill A Bull

David Frost // Market Outlook


July 18  

Yesterday the world was coming to an end.  CNBC even brought on Dennis Gartman to tell us exactly what’s going on in the markets and what he’s doing.  I’m still not sure why we care what he’s doing, but nevertheless – he is one of the tried and true tout TV go to guys.

Today, nobody really cared about the events from yesterday.  The Malaysian  airliner that was shot down was hardly in the [financial] media, neither was the Israel – Palestinian war, in large part.

Sure these issues were discussed, but they sure weren’t the reason the market was up today as at least one of them was the cause of yesterday’s decline.  (tongue and cheek)

So what does this tell us for the near term market, what we should expect and how to approach next week?

Turn into the video below to find out the latest thoughts and common sense analysis.

Enjoy the movie –

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