Market Has An Expected Holiday Hangover

David Frost // Market Outlook


September 2  

Since the market acted right on que going into the Labor Day weekend, it’s no surprise today was more of the same light volume directionless market.

Later this week we will have some market jolting news from the ECB on Thursday, and our very own jobs report on Friday.

All in all, the next couple of days should be uneventful, leading up to some possible fireworks coming out of Europe.

Watch out for the lowered expectations game.  Over the next couple of days, you will hear how the market’s will be frightened about what the ECB might do, and if they don’t signal an easy money policy, watch out.

Normally, what happens is the announcement is never as bad as “they” thought, or possible even deemed good news, therefore the market goes higher.

That would be fine, and most likely will provide higher prices from which to fall, when it occurs.

The detail is found in tonight’s video:

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