Market Volitility Picks Up Before The Memorial Day Weekend

David Frost // Market Outlook


May 20  

With the Memorial Day weekend upon us, under normal circumstances the market would be relatively calm and boring.  Today however was a different story.  Sellers showed up to put there wears on the open market and drove the major indices down a little less than one percent.

It seems each day I’m finding new divergences and new sectors that are melting away and showing signs of real longer term weakness.  This is the market yelling at us to pay attention, take note of what’s happening and prepare.

In the video below, I outline what the probabilities are for the next few days leading to the extended weekend.  Regardless of what happens right now, the picture is becoming very clear and concise.

Stay tuned and buckle up because the swing trading opportunities coming up are going to be fantastic.

Common Sense Technical Analysis

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