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May 29  

Which is more important, perceived value or actual value.

Yes, it’s a loaded question, but with purpose.  Over the last several months I have been providing market analysis by way of YouTube which is another word for free.

As you know, today will be the last version available to anyone.  From this point forward, the daily analysis videos will only be available to members of MyStrategicForecast.

Now, the markets.  Another down day courtesy of the cycle that hit last week.  In tonight’s analysis there is considerable detail including support and resistance numbers for both SPY and the S&P E-Mini Futures Contract.  Armed with these numbers, traders who would like to position themselves for a larger move are at an advantage.  Remember, knowing where you’re wrong is where you exercise proper risk management.

Crude oil did exactly as the forecast dictated.  All the detail is discussed in tonight’s analysis, but the numbers speak for themselves.

Gold is still handing around.  We need to get going on the upside by early next week or lower prices are coming again.  All the important price levels are found in tonight’s video.

Bonds look to have additional work to do on the upside.  Tonight we take the time to discuss the long term probabilities of the bond market.  While I do not go into the ramifications to our economy, the lower prices over time will have a negative effect on stability and growth.  You’ll hear rationalizations to counter that argument, but time and price will dictate the results.

The US Dollar is reacting off the upside target outlined here.  Next week will be important to see the price action.  With a little more time, we’ll be able to get a jump on the next larger move in the Dixie.

Tonight’s video is detailed and full of great information.

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