Quick History of the Ten Year Stock Market Cycle

David Frost // Market Outlook


June 27  

In today’s market analysis I cover the major markets as usual.  In addition, I cover the charts of Google, Amazon and Bidu as potential quick trades for next week as a result of the shortened holiday trading week.  As we know, next week will be light volume, especially as we get closer to Friday.  The technicals on several stocks will allow us to swing trade into the “end of the week market melt up,” assuming it happens.

Another very interesting piece of analysis I decided to bring out today was the ten year cycle.  Members know that part of my analysis is dependent on repeating cycles in stocks, markets, commodities and currencies.  I point out what happened every ten years going back to 1974, then just for fun, I skipped all the way back to the early part of the century only to find the same down market.  This is again the common sense part of what I do.  You don’t need to over analyze to see what is pointed out in the last segment of the video below.

Everyone knows as we began 2014, I stated the high probability of a bearish year.  While I expected more downward pressure on the market earlier, I am very confident the analysis will hold true as we move through the summer months.

Enjoy the video.

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