The Fed Told Us Everything We Need To Know

David Frost // Market Outlook


September 17  

From our vantage point, we don’t care what the Fed said.  We always let the markets and the charts tell us what to do.

Today the Fed had their policy statement in which they continued with their taper program which will cause their bond buying program to end, for now.

I say for now, because they’ll back.

What seems to be happening now is the currency market is driving the commodities, interest rates and stocks.

We can expect more of the same when the Scottish referendum decision is known.  This is where Scotland is voting to succeed from the United Kingdom.

This may not seem like much to the naked eye, but my belief is that if they do vote to break away, this will cause a considerable amount of financial unrest in Europe which will be exporting to our markets.  Remember, we live in a global market place.

There are some potential big developments in Gold and Oil which are discussed in the video below.

Like I prescribed a short time ago, volatility is coming back which makes for fantastic swing trading.  As soon as the market gives the clues we’re looking for, it’s game on.

A lot of great stuff in tonight’s video.

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