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August 14  

There are times when I sit back and reflect on a forecast from the day before.  At times even I am amazed at the ability to predict a certain price move in a market with precision.

Today was once again one of those times.

As you’ll see from tonight’s video, the SPY came within 2 cents of the target for today.

All in all it was a light volume, slight melt up day.  As we know, when the volume remains low, the likelihood of the market floating higher increases.

The news flow was relatively light with one or two Russia exceptions.  (which incidentally gets the credit for today’s up move as a result of a speech Putin made this morning)

Light volume makes swing trading slightly tougher.  We like more volatility to take advantage of larger price swings in stocks.

There is a possibility the volume will remain light between now and labor day.  However, Mr. Market will certainly provide a surprise or two during that time.

Enjoy tonight’s video –

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