Three Very Specific Market Forecasts Reviewed

David Frost // Market Outlook


June 7  

Real time market forecasts yielding real profits for swing traders and day traders alike

The first video discusses three (3) very specific market calls.  The following videos contain the actual calls

The S&P 500 analysis was done the day prior to Memorial Day weekend. The link to this video brings you right to the time segment where I explain how that market call was made and what method was used. Members of MSF Insider were aware of this information before the stock market began it’s decline.

Please view the stock market forecast here:

The Crude Oil forecast was also made one day prior to the $2.00 move higher. In link to this video also brings you to the exact portion of the video that explains this very forecast. It shows how drilling down to the hourly and ten minute chart pattern provided additional clues that the forecast was headed in the right direction. Members were aware that crude oil was showing bullish behavior, and therefore were not surprised with the move higher.

Please view the crude oil forecast here:

The Gold Futures forecast was just as interesting and accurate. In this video members were told that there was a high probability that gold futures would trade up to $1205.82 which is also a number they knew about long before the current move. The following day, gold rose almost $15 completing the forecast. The members also knew if gold was not able to close above that level, it would be bearish for the yellow metal.

Please view the gold futures market forecast here:

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