Leverage My Decades of Trading Experience as Your Unfair Advantage In The Market!

"Let's Make 2024 Your Breakthrough Year!"

You've been watching the common sense market analysis videos for a while.  You've taken the time to educate yourself in search of the trading success you desire and deserve.

I've got a question for you...

Are you wasting precious time and energy OVERWHELMED with ideas & strategies, but not taking the right actions?

This is challenge #1 facing most traders!

Today, there are way too many distractions, shiny objects, overpriced courses, and fake traders promoting outright SCAMS than there's ever been before!

If you don't have a proven plan to follow and someone to help you overcome the constant challenges and obstacles on your path to success it can leave you feeling helpless and paralyzed.  

The question that was coming up over and over again was "how do I find the best trades?"

The result is a comprehensive report for day traders that sets up the day before most people have consumed their first cup of java.

Created by traders who continue to learn through strategies taught in the LazyEminiTrader and LazyGapTrader courses.  The final missing link that puts your trading success in overdrive


Exactly What You Get Every Day

6 Pillars of Opportunity Something for Everyone

Pre-Market Commentary

Intraday updates

Early outlook including most important numbers, support & resistance and likely early market direction

Stocks on the Move

Before the open

Day trade opportunities on stocks headed toward an important number, and are already close...

Quick Trades

Before the open

Stocks with big gaps in the morning present big opportunities.  Most trades are complete before 10:30 am.

S&P - Support & Resistance


Get your hands on the most important numbers for that day, then use them with the common sense strategies

IntraDay Opportunities

Multi-day trades

Commentary will included any and all opportunity we can find after the opening bell

Morning Gap Opportunities

Updated daily

All gaps on charts will eventually be filled.  Every day the master list give you stocks approaching those prices

Why It's Exactly What You Need

Members Only

Continuing Video Education

Perfect Trading Compliment LazyEminiTrader & LazyGapTrader

Keep your finger on the pulse of markets all day every day

What Traders Are Saying...

Always had a problem finding profitable trade opportunities. InsideTheNumbers takes things to a whole new level...

"I am so so impressed with your new all encompassing information, it literally is the Holy Grail for me as a trader and I’m sure others think so too"

R Bruce Bradley

Everything is very professional and clearly explained...

"I am very pleased with David, his style and patience when answering questions.  This is the first time that I can see how to put together a strategy with the way trading is supposed to be ”

Erin Zusman

David Really Has Changed The Way I Look At The Market...

“After trying for two years through different courses and chat rooms, I found out David was right.  He really does change the way you look at the market.  David will answer any question, anytime and his strategies really do work.

Erik Ralf

Is This Right For You?

Who is this for

  • Traders who have taken the LazyEminiTrader or LazyGapTrader course
  • People who struggle to find the right trade at the right price for the right reason 
  • Anyone who trades stocks, Index options or exchange traded funds and wants more
  • People who are tired of the phony trade alert services,  where by the time you get in - everyone else is out

Who is this not for

  • Someone who showed up yesterday and believes they can snap their fingers and make money
  • People who think the market is a casino and refuse to treat trading as a business
  • Anyone who thinks they should win every trade and are disconnected from reality
  • People who intend to trade with money they cannot afford to lose
No Question Ever Goes Unanswered - EVER

The commitment is to every trader that takes my courses or becomes an InsideTheNumbers member.  The community of traders is kept small by design so each and every one of you can have a resource to lean on, ask questions and get real legitimate answers.  You need help catching the dream...

Start Today! 
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$129 Monthly

  • Six Pillars of Opportunity
  • Continuing Education
  • No Question ever goes unanswered - EVER

$645 Every 6-Months

  • 1 Free Month
  •  Six Pillars of Opportunity
  • Continuing Education
  • No Question ever goes unanswered - EVER           

$1290 Each Year

  • 2 Free Months
  • Six Pillars & Continuing Ed. 
  • No Question ever goes unanswered - EVER         


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

If I haven't taken either of the courses, can I still sign up?

What happens next?

What time is the morning commentary and trades posted?

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Can I use options?

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