Short Squeeze – Weekend Update

With Java close by, it was necessary to produce a weekend update after the very powerful short squeeze Friday.

In this episode of common sense market analysis, we'll discuss the signs that were available and how to begin recognizing in real time these type of events.

Before you cut out, be sure to focus on the Gold chart commentary, it's a site to see...

Thank you for your continued support.

To your profits!

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Trading and investing in markets is second nature to some, but a mystery to others. The goal is to provide a forum where everyday people aspiring to be part time or full time traders will learn how view markets differently and profit beyond their wildest dreams.

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Hugh B - January 5, 2019 Reply

Excellent ! happy for the weekend review. your new format doesn’t allow me to thumbs up like I always do!

    David Frost - January 5, 2019 Reply

    Thank you. You can always head over to YouTube by clicking the YouTube logo in the bottom right corner of the video, and then “Thumps Up.” Appreciate that.

Randall K - January 6, 2019 Reply

As I look at the Gold Chart I see a tail candle with the body in a convergence of EMA’s looks like the 50 and 200 are sitting at support and 100 at resistance.
After he last tall Brake-down candle I see 7 candles and 14 candles from the Doji. My head is saying it will go down my Heart is saying up, bummer

alias Hank or
Randall Keefauver

Kevin M - January 6, 2019 Reply

Yeah what a day Friday. Watched most of the day and the patterns play out. Also while watching smaller time frames you see sort of min auctions play out during the day the bulls won every small auction all day. It did not “scream ” higher just positive push all day.

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