It's about YOU not me!

There's a reason why you're here...

How do I know that?  

There are no coincidences in life, that's how.

The back story is quite simple.  

Wall street history, which is now history.

Trading for a living is by far, the best business in on the planet, if you can do it....  (That's a big if.  Many give it the old "college try", but few succeed)

Just like you, I visit all kinds of financial related websites, YouTube channels, get on mailing lists - we're all the same.

It's easy to see what goes on.  

Highway robbery would be pleasant compared to what takes place.  

These fake traders with chat rooms, trade alerts and courses are doing double duty!

It's bad enough they charge so much for their stuff...

They're teaching you how to lose money!

It's painful to watch.

(Alright, let's condense the rest down to how the heck did we get here and can you make money?)

Net, net - I started a YouTube Channel with no subscribers. 

Started posting trading videos about techniques and strategies that very few people know about.

Sometimes I would put my e-mail address in the videos.  

There were no expectations at the time, only that I could help people in some way.

Fast forward to now.

Traders find my videos on YouTube and watch how charts and markets get viewed (#myway), analyzed, deciphered, picked-a- part and scrutinized - you get the point.

After a while, the traders who like my style and delivery stick around and become part of the community. 

If you show commitment and desire, you get everything I have.  

My policy is - No question goes unanswered - EVER.

You're welcome to stick around for as long as you like...

To your profits,