Why the S&P500 surpasses 2000 before Labor Day

David Frost // Market Outlook


August 19  

Jackson Hole.  That’s reason number one.  While the central bankers are having their annual boondoggle it would be hard for me to see the market staging any kind of a substantial correction, or worse.

Labor Day.  Reason number two.  Next week will be one of the lightest volume weeks of the year.  A combination of the summer doldrums and the finale to all those special hedge fund type parties in the Hampton’s should provide for a boring and quiet stock market.

Of course, some fireworks could emerge giving us the opportunity for some juicy swing trades, but right now my expectation is for the former not the later.

Meanwhile, if this thesis plays out, then while the market’s not going down, it should work its way higher, allowing the S&P500 to eclipse the elusive 2000 mark.

I have some new material in tonight’s video and some commentary on Apple.

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