Many believe there are secrets to creating wealth.  In reality, there are no secrets, just things we haven’t yet learned.

There are many lessons to be learned about personal finance, especially when it relates to investing, but on a broad scale, the best lesson we can learn is to first figure out what we don’t know, and start from there.

If you’re a beginning investor, maybe someone who has a 401K as work, or even a hefty investment or trading account, either way, we can benefit from further education.  After all, the better educated we are, the better chance we give ourselves to make money, retire early and often, and live the lives we deserve.

Consider the source.  One of the biggest challenges in the finance world is that everyone has an opinion.  We have Economists who are great at telling you what’s happening with the government data.  I’m not sure who that helps to make money, but nevertheless all the large banks and brokerage firms have them.  Food for thought, it’s no coincidence they’re mostly all singing from the same sheet of music.

Next up, Financial Advisors.  They basically are well dressed salesman who are only interested in how much commission you can generate for them.  By in large, they don’t know squat.  Sure, there are some who are very good and have done well for their clients, but as an industry, they stink.  They look like geniuses when the market goes up, but keep in mind, you don’t need them for the market to go up while your invested in stuff that goes up also.

Another source of information is the media.  Don’t even know where to start except to say they know far less than the financial advisors.  Basically, their job is to parade mutual fund managers on TV to tell you that the market is cheap.  Their firms buy advertising from the TV station, their web properties and other medium, therefore their all on the same team.

In short, there is no substitute for educating yourself.  You learn what to invest in, how to do it and then you can count on the most dependable person you know – YOU.

Just where to find the best source of information on what to do is both the hard and easy part.  The hard part if finding it, the easy part is that you already did – Welcome to the show.


The Secret to Creating Wealth: Personal Finance Education

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