The Time Is Here For a Big Market Move – But Which Way

David Frost // Market Outlook


November 14  

It’s now been the better part of 11 days where the market has been relatively quiet, yet grinding higher.

There have been no pull backs, no corrections, no nothing except a quiet march higher.

So what happens from here.  Next week is options expiration week, and we can expect some garden variety market manipulation, some bigger intra-day swings and some resolution to the market.

In the video below I discuss my best analysis of what the highest probability outcome is for the remainder of 2014 and slightly beyond.

The Gold market put in a nice big rally day today along with Silver and other commodities.  The dollar spiked higher early today, then reversed, and if you look at the precious metals market over night, Gold was down to $1,146.00 and closed today’s session at $1,187.90.  Pretty impressive to say the least.

Oil hit an over night low, then rallied similar to Gold.

Tonight’s video will provide some important analysis, so enjoy and have a great weekend.

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