Consideration was given to blur out the names of the victims listed below

However, after further review the names stay as a learning experience.  

It's normal to think this way.  Most people do.  

The purpose of MyStrategiecForecast is to get people to think about and view markets differently.  The herd is wrong most of the time.  The media is part of the herd - in fact, they're the leader of the pack.

Some will think this is nonsense.  

Those that take heed and pay attention to chart patterns, sentiment and all the other things available to learn here will find success if they have the desire and discipline.  

You might laugh, but when you stop and think about it, this exact scenario was discussed several times in the common sense market analysis videos - before it took place.  

It's not funny at all - It's how money is made and that's no laughing matter...

"Never Fail Indicator"

These comments were made one (1) day before the bottom!

Right off the YouTube Channel...

These comments were made one (1) day before the bottom!

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